12.6.2012 Sometimes it’s the little things and sometimes little things aren’t so little.

My hands got very cold while I was doing rounds this morning.  Even an hour of having them stuffed into my heavy winter work gloves and chasing my horse around the round pen wasn’t enough to warm them up.  I … Continue reading

5.31.2012 The Rest of the Story

Aside from all the haying hooha, there are a lot of other things going on at the farm.  Somewhere last week, I found time to plant 50 sweet potato slips.  I watered them in and watered them again the next … Continue reading

10.31.2010 Working for peanuts

So many things! The weather forecasters said “freeze warning” Friday night and even though we’re a full two weeks past our average first frost date here, I’ll admit it caught me a little by surprise. What had been a low … Continue reading