12.31.2013 A Wild December

 The past thirty-one days have just been a whirlwind.  There’s a reason I haven’t blogged much.  Lots of them actually.    December began with a medical emergency which I will not detail here, but it has been a month long … Continue reading

8.28.2013 Chickens New and Old

Yesterday, my new laying flock arrived.  Well, in six months or so it will be my new laying flock.  There’s just something about a brooder full of fluffy, new born chicks.  They’re kind of like a seed collection.  So much … Continue reading

2.12.2013 Compost happens . . . or it doesn’t

I have wintered chickens in my coop for 3 years now. Each year, I have attempted the deep litter method. In a nutshell, you put down bedding, chickens poop and you add more bedding, ad infinitum. The theory behind this … Continue reading

9.30.2012 Knocking on the Door

I have a fever today and my everything hurts.  After struggling through chicken rounds, I took a couple of DayQuil and then went out to do the Sunday morning pony dust-off and weigh-in.   Both my big fat fatties are taking … Continue reading

9.7.2012 I Just Wanted to Plant Peas

On Monday, my goal was to plant peas, beets and wheat in the garden.  The chickens were down to manageable levels.  It was too wet to work the horses.  The bees needed only minor tending.  I really had no more … Continue reading