5.25.2014 Visitors

I was once asked what a successful farm looks like. I responded, “A successful farm is a busy place even when the people aren’t there.” While I wouldn’t say we’ve achieved that status yet, we are making strides in that … Continue reading

7.28.2013 Summer Doldrums

I’ve reached the summer slump.   We had a week of really hot and humid followed by a week of not so hot and not at all humid. I lost one hen to the heat, two have gone broody and the … Continue reading

August 7, 2012 What I heard at the bee club

Tuesday evening, I finally managed to get to a HOVA meeting (Heart of Virginia Beekeepers).  Bee clubs are wonderful things.  I always learn so much when I make the time to go.  And naturally, I left the meeting fretting about … Continue reading