10.21.2012 Tribute and First Aid Kits

Wonder of wonders!  I walked outside yesterday to find a vole carcass on the sidewalk outside the front door.  Mushu, our cat, has finally gone hunting. I am going to take full credit for motivating the cat.  With the husband … Continue reading

9.25.2012 Plant Rehab

Last week, I spent most of my non animal time working in the garden trying to rehab the tomatoes.  If you’ve been following the blog, you may recall that I started over 100 tomato plants this spring with the intent … Continue reading

3.24.2012 Still, it’s mostly about chickens

A day to celebrate!  The chickens are back on pasture at last!  Getting them out there turned out to be such a drawn out affair.  A lot of the delay was weather related.  I can’t pull chicken tractors through tall … Continue reading

2.12.2012 Divine Providence or Dumb Luck?

Up on the hill in the big pasture is a cemetery.  I’ve spoken of it before. http://www.apriorifarm.com/apriorifarm/blog/2011/07/04/732011-history-lesson/ Today, the relatives of the cemetery residents came by.  The Tuckers down from Ashland.  Really nice people and if they were ever to … Continue reading

12.3.2011 The Great Migration

All week long, I have been putting the finishing touches on the coop renovations and finally on Friday, they were all done. Nothing left to do except wait for dark when chickens are easy to catch. The old laying flock, … Continue reading