7.28.2013 Summer Doldrums

I’ve reached the summer slump.   We had a week of really hot and humid followed by a week of not so hot and not at all humid. I lost one hen to the heat, two have gone broody and the … Continue reading

8.4.2012 Virgin Queen

It’s been a week since I hived that swarm.  I got into the hive on Tuesday to take the newspaper out and check for a queen.  Not finding her, I closed up and crossed my fingers. I was reluctant to … Continue reading

6.13.2012 Peas! In June!

Feed the horses.  Feed the chickens.  Muck the coop.  Muck the round pen.  Exercise Ophelia.  Cut two bolted lettuce plants and toss them to the chickens in the coop.  Notice they are having trouble with the new fencing set up.  … Continue reading

5.2.2010 New Bees

Another day of birds and bees.  I put the oldest of my chicks out on pasture today.  Boots, the curled-toed Dorking went with them.  Sadly, my efforts to straighten his toes failed.  His “knuckles” had grown into a rotated position, … Continue reading

4.14.2012 Got guts? Gonna need ’em!

Good grief! What a week! Where to start?  The ponies, I suppose.  After a week of diet and exercise, I think Ophelia actually gained weight.  And Venus has just about enough of muzzles.  She tore through hers today, probably rendering … Continue reading