8.28.2013 Chickens New and Old

Yesterday, my new laying flock arrived.  Well, in six months or so it will be my new laying flock.  There’s just something about a brooder full of fluffy, new born chicks.  They’re kind of like a seed collection.  So much … Continue reading

2.12.2013 Compost happens . . . or it doesn’t

I have wintered chickens in my coop for 3 years now. Each year, I have attempted the deep litter method. In a nutshell, you put down bedding, chickens poop and you add more bedding, ad infinitum. The theory behind this … Continue reading

6.16.2012 Surprises everywhere

This morning, I rushed through my chores, which now include watering the 105 by hand because the irrigation system is a generalist and the root systems of the 105 are pathetic and mostly non-functional.   I skipped working the horses.  I … Continue reading

4.14.2012 Got guts? Gonna need ’em!

Good grief! What a week! Where to start?  The ponies, I suppose.  After a week of diet and exercise, I think Ophelia actually gained weight.  And Venus has just about enough of muzzles.  She tore through hers today, probably rendering … Continue reading

1.8.2012 Potatoes migrate?

After a couple of very cold days in the middle of the week, the weather warmed to lovely with a chance of perspiration.  So in defiance of everything I know about gardening and leaving soil bare, I started degrassing the … Continue reading

4.26.2011 Issues and Ophelia’s Secret Talent

Just a normal day. What ought to have been a quick service of the pastured chickens took much longer because I discovered some “issues” with the pecking order. One of my incubator chicks had most of his back feathers pecked … Continue reading