4.21.2012 Little Things. Lots of little things.

Last night, the dog and the cat spent the night outside.  When I went out this morning, Mushu, the cat, was standing on the sidewalk in front of the house and staring intently at the grass.  After licking me good … Continue reading

3.2.2012 Life, Death and Uniforms

The weather geeks will tell you, meteorologic spring began yesterday. What that means is the schizophrenic weather continues. We’ve gone from nearly cold to hot enough to break a sweat easily, from dry and pleasant to cold and nasty. Tonight, … Continue reading

12.18.2010 A Little Chicken Panic

Thankfully this week has passed us by without a major tragedy, but it wouldn’t be farm life if I didn’t get to suffer a few moments of panic. On Tuesday, I was stocking up on animal feed ahead of the … Continue reading