June 7, 2013 Tropical Storm Andrea brings a rush of planting and a surprise

Tropical Storm Andrea stopped by today.  She filled up the pond and watered the gardens.  She kept the chickens hunkered in their tractors with nothing to do but lay eggs.  She made the ducks very happy and the farmers very … Continue reading

4.25.2013 Wild things I bet you didn’t know about poultry

After three days of repairing, refitting and relocating chicken tractors and poultry netting, it’s finally done.  The flock is back on pasture! Now, I say back on pasture, but on in reality, the chickens have had a lot of good … Continue reading

10.23.2012 Gotterdammerung

Sunday evening, the weather geeks started wetting their pants.  Weather models were suggesting that in 7 day’s time, a massive freak, hurricane/noreaster hybrid storm would slam into the east coast.  Maybe a mid-Atlantic strike.  Maybe north of the Mason-Dixon.  Either … Continue reading

The Making of a Chicken Tractor

I created the  drawing with Google’s Sketchup©. So far WordPress© wont let me upload the original Sketchup file so that it can be downloaded. But I’ll work on that. Materials: Item                quantity 2x4x10              4 1x4x8 or 1x2x8      2 4×16 cow … Continue reading

4.5.2011 Farm Stuff you won’t find in farming books

In case you wondered, a farm auction is an all day endurance event. No matter what the signs say. Forget your dreams of a snagging a great deal by noon and getting back to the farm with your prize with … Continue reading

1.20.2011 Kevin’s a girl!

Yesterday, I drove up to the valley and purchased some organic feed for the horses and chickens. I want to see if there’s a difference in the taste of the eggs. I also want to find out if taking Ophelia … Continue reading