12.6.2012 Sometimes it’s the little things and sometimes little things aren’t so little.

My hands got very cold while I was doing rounds this morning.  Even an hour of having them stuffed into my heavy winter work gloves and chasing my horse around the round pen wasn’t enough to warm them up.  I … Continue reading

10.18.2012 Mostly it’s about the buckwheat

Let’s just get this out of the way right up front.  Oats is oats.  The word oats is either singular or plural depending on your avocation.  English teachers will say oats is plural.  Farmers insist it oats is singular. I … Continue reading

8.18.2012 Sowing Oats

Before I tell you the oats story, let me mention a discovery I made this week.  To begin, you should know I have never been able to whistle well nor can I whistle loudly.  I’ve improved a bit since getting … Continue reading

August 7, 2012 What I heard at the bee club

Tuesday evening, I finally managed to get to a HOVA meeting (Heart of Virginia Beekeepers).  Bee clubs are wonderful things.  I always learn so much when I make the time to go.  And naturally, I left the meeting fretting about … Continue reading