6.21.2013 Wax Moths, Summer Dearth, Lettuce Worms and Broody Hens

It hasn’t been a great week.  More rain came early in the week and the farm was just about as soggy as I’ve ever seen it. Garden Problems:   With the soil waterlogged, I only managed to pull up the snow … Continue reading

3.9.2013 March doing the “March Thing”

It’s been one of those interestingly dull weeks.   On Sunday, we laid ground cover fabric around the perimeter of the garden – the first stage in my plan to defeat the Bermuda grass. After which, my menfolk got their Scotsman … Continue reading

3.2.2012 Life, Death and Uniforms

The weather geeks will tell you, meteorologic spring began yesterday. What that means is the schizophrenic weather continues. We’ve gone from nearly cold to hot enough to break a sweat easily, from dry and pleasant to cold and nasty. Tonight, … Continue reading

2.12.2012 Divine Providence or Dumb Luck?

Up on the hill in the big pasture is a cemetery.  I’ve spoken of it before. http://www.apriorifarm.com/apriorifarm/blog/2011/07/04/732011-history-lesson/ Today, the relatives of the cemetery residents came by.  The Tuckers down from Ashland.  Really nice people and if they were ever to … Continue reading