1.24.2013 Visions of sugar plums . . .

January.  Cold.  Ground frozen for the first time in two years. Catalogs and calendars.  Plans.   My arch nemesis, the Bermuda grass, is dormant.  Bigger plans.  Endless possibilities.  Lima beans to feed the entire world!  Mwaaahaahaa!  (Meanwhile the Bermuda grass is … Continue reading

9.7.2012 I Just Wanted to Plant Peas

On Monday, my goal was to plant peas, beets and wheat in the garden.  The chickens were down to manageable levels.  It was too wet to work the horses.  The bees needed only minor tending.  I really had no more … Continue reading

1.8.2012 Potatoes migrate?

After a couple of very cold days in the middle of the week, the weather warmed to lovely with a chance of perspiration.  So in defiance of everything I know about gardening and leaving soil bare, I started degrassing the … Continue reading