7.12.2012 The Gates of Hell and What the Heat Wave Cost Us

Blessedly, the heat wave has ended.  For the last four days, we’ve had cloudy skies and cool breezes.  It’s been wonderful, aside from the fact it’s rained all around us, but not here. The heat wave came with a price, … Continue reading

6.13.2012 Peas! In June!

Feed the horses.  Feed the chickens.  Muck the coop.  Muck the round pen.  Exercise Ophelia.  Cut two bolted lettuce plants and toss them to the chickens in the coop.  Notice they are having trouble with the new fencing set up.  … Continue reading

5.31.2012 The Rest of the Story

Aside from all the haying hooha, there are a lot of other things going on at the farm.  Somewhere last week, I found time to plant 50 sweet potato slips.  I watered them in and watered them again the next … Continue reading

4.21.2012 Little Things. Lots of little things.

Last night, the dog and the cat spent the night outside.  When I went out this morning, Mushu, the cat, was standing on the sidewalk in front of the house and staring intently at the grass.  After licking me good … Continue reading

3.22.2011 Peeps, bees, feed and rain

Tuesday update on Momma Orpington: One of her chicks died yesterday. One of those mysterious failure to thrive. She knew something was wrong with it and didn’t make an effort to keep him going. Karina tried. A little water. A … Continue reading