6.11.2014 June on the Farm

We’ve reached the time of year where the daily list of things to do is longer than daylight hours in which to do them. Even as we approach the summer solstice, the days simply aren’t long enough. It’s that time … Continue reading

1.6.2014 The Real Reason More People Don’t Hunt

A little over a week ago, three deer committed suicide on our property line.  You can read that story here  Since then, I’ve learned what it means to process a deer. Hang, gut and skin the deer – at least … Continue reading

In the Meantime: Part Two – The Harvest

I have to credit the weather forecasters.  They gave me two week heads up on the first hard freeze.  This allowed me enough time to sort through the sad remnants of the summer garden.  First out were the louffas.  In … Continue reading

7.10.2013 Tomatofied

So.  The tomatoes came in.  My husband picked a half bushel on Friday.  I picked another half bushel on Monday and there’s another bushel sitting out there right now waiting to come inside. The cherry tomatoes got eaten immediately. The … Continue reading