4.25.2013 Wild things I bet you didn’t know about poultry

After three days of repairing, refitting and relocating chicken tractors and poultry netting, it’s finally done.  The flock is back on pasture! Now, I say back on pasture, but on in reality, the chickens have had a lot of good … Continue reading

12.16.2012 A Root Beer Garden?

It all started with a Ginger Bug. I was farm blog surfing and ran across this curious term. What on earth was a ginger bug? The answer to that question has sent me off on a wild tangent that is … Continue reading

12.4.2012 The First Law of Piles and some decent bread

Today I went out to my finished compost pile.  My plan for the day was to make it go away so I could start a new pile in its place.  It’s not much of a pile anymore.  Just a hump … Continue reading

11.11.2012 Tomato Soup Worth Eating

For the last couple of days I have been beset with more tomatoes than we can stuff in sandwiches or otherwise make a meal from but not enough to can.  I also still had two cups of fresh peas that … Continue reading