2.13.2015 Just Cold

It’s cold. Really cold. We cancelled market today because temperatures never got above freezing and the winds were howling. Customers don’t come out in weather like that. To stand out in that kind of weather is just painful. Instead, we … Continue reading

1.10.2016 Relocations

Yet another Apriori Farm vehicle was suffering from a severe case of Dangly Bits. For the second week running, I’ve had to replace a muffler. Last week, it was the Frankenhonda that’s not pretty but was nearly free and generally … Continue reading

8.14.2013 Experimental Bee Sting Poultices

When I was installing the hive beetle traps the other day, I got stung by one of my bees.  She got me on the stomach, through my ventilated beesuit, as I was lifting the heaviest of my hives and using … Continue reading

4.25.2013 Wild things I bet you didn’t know about poultry

After three days of repairing, refitting and relocating chicken tractors and poultry netting, it’s finally done.  The flock is back on pasture! Now, I say back on pasture, but on in reality, the chickens have had a lot of good … Continue reading

12.27.2012 Looking out. Looking ahead.

Yesterday, was really murky, rainy, windy, and bone cold.  It was a day best spent looking out windows and reflecting on the successes and failures of 2012 and wading through the delusions of grandeur so we could realistically begin to … Continue reading