2.20.2016 The Spell is Broken

After a frigid week, winter threw another tantrum. Monday brought snow, sleet and freezing rain. Not exactly duck weather. I didn’t even bother letting ducks and chickens out. I put blankets on Ophelia and Sadie before turning them out. Cookie … Continue reading

2.13.2015 Just Cold

It’s cold. Really cold. We cancelled market today because temperatures never got above freezing and the winds were howling. Customers don’t come out in weather like that. To stand out in that kind of weather is just painful. Instead, we … Continue reading

1.24.2015 Blizzard Back Therapy

Tuesday morning something happened that has not happened in a very long time. My lower back went into a major spasm. When this happens, I walk like an ape, knuckles dragging. There’s a lot of panting and hissing, and I … Continue reading

1.20.2016 The Elusive Free Oil Change

My mechanic has this deal. Buy 5 oil changes and get the 6th one free. In the five years he’s been maintaining the Apriori “fleet”, I have never once walked out of there without paying for something. That free oil … Continue reading

1.10.2016 Relocations

Yet another Apriori Farm vehicle was suffering from a severe case of Dangly Bits. For the second week running, I’ve had to replace a muffler. Last week, it was the Frankenhonda that’s not pretty but was nearly free and generally … Continue reading