4.27.2014 New name. New fence. New hive. New horse.

For the last couple of years, I have been known as “The Egg Lady.” I suppose that’s fitting. Despite all the troubles I’ve had with my chickens, I normally have eggs, almost year round. I can’t say that about any … Continue reading

4.5.2014 Suddenly Spring, Chicken and Chipper Troubles, New Bees and the Momma Hen

Eleven days ago, we had another dusting of snow and three days later, I was on my front porch literally watching my farm turn greener by the minute.  Now the grass needs mowing.  God turned up the volume. The roosters … Continue reading

2.6.2012 Are You Getting the Most From Your Bee Hives?

Earlier this week I went to a meeting of our local bee club.  There was an interesting presentation about just how much the Buy Local food movement is growing and how this is driving more and more farmers into vegetable … Continue reading

1.7.2014 Frigid!

It was no secret.   The polar vortex was coming and I had two weeks warning.  And really, there wasn’t a whole lot to do to prepare for it that hadn’t already been done in preparation for the first freeze of … Continue reading