1.24.2015 Blizzard Back Therapy

Tuesday morning something happened that has not happened in a very long time. My lower back went into a major spasm. When this happens, I walk like an ape, knuckles dragging. There’s a lot of panting and hissing, and I … Continue reading

2.18.2015 Tidings of Peace and Joy

  I know that’s an unusual title for a blog post in February.  Yet I don’t know a better way to describe the day after the Presidents’ Day Snow storm.  Perhaps I would have felt differently had it been overcast … Continue reading

7.28.2013 Summer Doldrums

I’ve reached the summer slump.   We had a week of really hot and humid followed by a week of not so hot and not at all humid. I lost one hen to the heat, two have gone broody and the … Continue reading

12.4.2012 The First Law of Piles and some decent bread

Today I went out to my finished compost pile.  My plan for the day was to make it go away so I could start a new pile in its place.  It’s not much of a pile anymore.  Just a hump … Continue reading

4.14.2012 Got guts? Gonna need ’em!

Good grief! What a week! Where to start?  The ponies, I suppose.  After a week of diet and exercise, I think Ophelia actually gained weight.  And Venus has just about enough of muzzles.  She tore through hers today, probably rendering … Continue reading