1.24.2015 Blizzard Back Therapy

Tuesday morning something happened that has not happened in a very long time. My lower back went into a major spasm. When this happens, I walk like an ape, knuckles dragging. There’s a lot of panting and hissing, and I … Continue reading

1.20.2016 The Elusive Free Oil Change

My mechanic has this deal. Buy 5 oil changes and get the 6th one free. In the five years he’s been maintaining the Apriori “fleet”, I have never once walked out of there without paying for something. That free oil … Continue reading

2.18.2015 Tidings of Peace and Joy

  I know that’s an unusual title for a blog post in February.  Yet I don’t know a better way to describe the day after the Presidents’ Day Snow storm.  Perhaps I would have felt differently had it been overcast … Continue reading

3.19.2014 Winter Lulls, A New Hedgerow, and the Lonely Hearts Club

So here we are in mid-March.  Since the turning of the new year, it’s been the same dreary story.  Every week or two, winter comes with ice and snow and cold, mostly ice and cold.  The schools are closed for … Continue reading

7.28.2013 Summer Doldrums

I’ve reached the summer slump.   We had a week of really hot and humid followed by a week of not so hot and not at all humid. I lost one hen to the heat, two have gone broody and the … Continue reading

12.4.2012 The First Law of Piles and some decent bread

Today I went out to my finished compost pile.  My plan for the day was to make it go away so I could start a new pile in its place.  It’s not much of a pile anymore.  Just a hump … Continue reading