3.20.2016 Miracles

A breath of winter is blowing over my newly greened pastures.  Forecasts have been flirting with the idea of freezing temperatures and frozen precipitation.  The last winter storm of 2016.  It’s enough of a worry that I held back planting this week.  Which means I’m now a week behind and flats of starts are beginning to back up in the seed room.  But weather forecasters and their models have now decided the storm will happen further north and maybe, just maybe, my little farm will be spared a killing frost. And that will be a good thing.  Almost of all of the peaches and plums are in bloom.  Keeping our fingers crossed on that one.

Going out in gloves and coat this morning, sort of discouraging.  The usual Sunday dust off of the horses was limited to running a tape around them.  All four horses have gained so much weight this last week as the grass came in.  I’ve been cutting back on hay mostly because they aren’t eating it much anymore.  But I really didn’t think there was enough grass in that over-grazed pasture for them to put on 50+ pounds each in a week.

So muzzles all around.  Ponies are not happy.  They begged all day to be let out of their ridiculous face masks.  But, if I’m on a diet, they’re on a diet.  And I’m on a diet.  The Whole30 plan.  Lots of meat and eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.  No sugar, grains, legumes, dairy or alcohol.  Miracle of miracles – I’ve gone 6 days without a Coca-Cola.  I haven’t killed a single soul.

And now, I’ve just finished the evening feed.  The horses were cranky and anxious.  I suspect it’s the day spent in muzzles, hopefully not a weather event.  On the way back from the chicken coop, we found a duck egg.  I have one female duck, who to my knowledge, has never, ever laid an egg.  For the last six months or so, she’s been carrying around a softball sized pooch between her legs.  One neighbor asked, “Is she pregnant?”  (That question applied to poultry just always makes me giggle.)  Another neighbor insists she’s got a hernia.  I figured the winter would finish her off.  But no.  She waddles about the farm, some days slower than other, but generally keeping up with her two guys. Maybe she’s not a real Khaki Campbell and is instead some strange marsupial cross.  Who knows?  Anyway today, she laid an egg.  Not an Easter Egg, but a Palm Sunday Egg.  That’s pretty darn special.


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