4.27.2014 New name. New fence. New hive. New horse.

For the last couple of years, I have been known as “The Egg Lady.” I suppose that’s fitting. Despite all the troubles I’ve had with my chickens, I normally have eggs, almost year round. I can’t say that about any … Continue reading

4.19.2014 Market Day and What the Latest Freeze Taught Me

Apriori Farm went to market today. First time. And it was just about as perfect a debut as I could have hoped for. The weather was as kind as the other vendors who helped us with our EZ-UP shelter and … Continue reading

4.12.2014 Nursery and Seed Company Reviews

It all started back in January with a simple question:  “How do you propagate pussy willows.”  That led me to a Martha Stewart Youtube video. (Yeah, she’s annoyingly perfect and so well-funded that she pays someone else to plant her … Continue reading

4.5.2014 Suddenly Spring, Chicken and Chipper Troubles, New Bees and the Momma Hen

Eleven days ago, we had another dusting of snow and three days later, I was on my front porch literally watching my farm turn greener by the minute.  Now the grass needs mowing.  God turned up the volume. The roosters … Continue reading