11.16.2013 What’s Up with the Spinach?

Roughly once a week for the last five months in the white room, I’ve been starting spinach in flats.  During June, July and August, I was mostly trying to germinate the seed I had on hand to see what was … Continue reading

11.16.2013 Hoophouse Week 3 The Lettuce Report

Over the last week, we’ve had really cold and really windy.  We’ve had warm and sunny and today, finally, we have rain.  So it’s been an interesting week in the hoophouse, watching the temperatures rise and fall and trying to … Continue reading

11.5.2013 Just how much row will 8 ounces of garlic plant?

Garlic Planting Day A full two weeks before last year.  I am so proud of myself.  Still, my box of high dollar “seed garlic” has been sitting around for 6 weeks waiting for this day. Let me tell you about … Continue reading