8.29.2013 Are you prepared for a bad day in your bee yard?

I wrote this entry a little earlier today as an exercise in maintaining alertness while coping with an allergic reaction.  Thought I’d share just so you know life with bees isn’t always sunshine and honey. 11:30:  Smoker is lit and … Continue reading

8.28.2013 Chickens New and Old

Yesterday, my new laying flock arrived.  Well, in six months or so it will be my new laying flock.  There’s just something about a brooder full of fluffy, new born chicks.  They’re kind of like a seed collection.  So much … Continue reading

8.14.2013 Experimental Bee Sting Poultices

When I was installing the hive beetle traps the other day, I got stung by one of my bees.  She got me on the stomach, through my ventilated beesuit, as I was lifting the heaviest of my hives and using … Continue reading