7.28.2013 Summer Doldrums

I’ve reached the summer slump.   We had a week of really hot and humid followed by a week of not so hot and not at all humid. I lost one hen to the heat, two have gone broody and the … Continue reading

7.10.2013 Tomatofied

So.  The tomatoes came in.  My husband picked a half bushel on Friday.  I picked another half bushel on Monday and there’s another bushel sitting out there right now waiting to come inside. The cherry tomatoes got eaten immediately. The … Continue reading

6.26.2013 The Prickly Truth about Artichokes

When you’ve never grown artichokes before, knowing when to pick them becomes problematic.  And, if you happen to have grown your artichokes from seed, it’s even more difficult because seed grown artichokes don’t always look like the ones in the … Continue reading