6.21.2013 Wax Moths, Summer Dearth, Lettuce Worms and Broody Hens

It hasn’t been a great week.  More rain came early in the week and the farm was just about as soggy as I’ve ever seen it. Garden Problems:   With the soil waterlogged, I only managed to pull up the snow … Continue reading

June 13.2013 Derecho, Fungal Duff and the Great Turtle Migration

My apple trees have been struggling this year.  The chlorosis seems to have abated somewhat now that the weather has warmed a bit, but the cedar apple rust is horrific this year.  I’ve been so busy with the garden, I … Continue reading

June 7, 2013 Tropical Storm Andrea brings a rush of planting and a surprise

Tropical Storm Andrea stopped by today.  She filled up the pond and watered the gardens.  She kept the chickens hunkered in their tractors with nothing to do but lay eggs.  She made the ducks very happy and the farmers very … Continue reading