5.24.2013 A Cold March Wind . . . at the end of May, plus musings of a Victorian Mind

Morning rounds: Low clouds.  Spitting rain.  Downpour. After morning rounds:  Son missed the bus.  Take him to school.  Go shopping. After shopping:  Wind.  North wind. Biting, run for cover wind.  Nap time. After nap:  Ducks are hunkered down in their … Continue reading

5.21.2013 The bees, the straw bale experiment, the tomatoes and what became of the guineas

We’ve been living in the murk for the last several days.  Too wet to work in the garden.  Too wet to mow the pastures.  But I did manage to find a dry half hour to go see the bees.  I … Continue reading

5.12.2013 Chlorosis

Chlorosis is the yellowing of leaves and it’s primarily caused by a nutritional deficiency.  It showed up in the apple orchard in the last couple of weeks.   It’s in the Maris Widgeon Wheat as well.   According to what … Continue reading