4.25.2013 Wild things I bet you didn’t know about poultry

After three days of repairing, refitting and relocating chicken tractors and poultry netting, it’s finally done.  The flock is back on pasture! Now, I say back on pasture, but on in reality, the chickens have had a lot of good … Continue reading

4.14.2013 Four and More

Yesterday, I visited my bees.  Two weeks after I took a nuc off the orange hive, the orange hive continues to plug along.  Lot of bees and lots of stuff in their larder, but not a lot of brood, and … Continue reading

4.12.2013 Signs of Spring, or is it Summer?

  The wind brought the rain and behind the rain, the air is moderating into something resembling spring.  However, the heat of this past week has pushed almost everything into sudden panic.  All the plants are like, “Summer already!  So … Continue reading

4.9.2013 The Spokesbee and the Swarm Traps

Finally, winter is flown.  Our last frost came Sunday morning right around dawn, (April 7), and nipped the banana tree I’d evicted from the house on account of spider mites.  The tomatoes in the uncovered cold frame laughed at the … Continue reading