2.24.2013 Got Henge?

Did I mention I had ordered grapevines?  Grapevines need trellising, you know.  So my husband built me this.   Ophelia supervised.  She hung out with my boys all afternoon.  No fence.  She said the henge was cool and guineas are … Continue reading

2.16.2013 Snow Day! And Scion Wood

We’re having a lovely, cold and wet snow day.  But not too cold.  The snow is not sticking.  Nice to look at, not nice to work in.  And that’s fine.  I’m exhausted.   Cleaning out the coop.  Making the new compost … Continue reading

2.15.2013 When the Moon is in the 7th House . . .Pruning Day

Since moving to the farm almost three years ago, I’ve germinated a lot of seeds.  A lot more have never sprouted.  Of those ambitious seeds that braved the world outside of their coats, I’ve killed my share of those babies. … Continue reading

2.12.2013 Compost happens . . . or it doesn’t

I have wintered chickens in my coop for 3 years now. Each year, I have attempted the deep litter method. In a nutshell, you put down bedding, chickens poop and you add more bedding, ad infinitum. The theory behind this … Continue reading