1.31.2013 What the wind wrought

Tomorrow is February. Yikes! I am so not ready! And the big blow that ripped through here last night and today has put me even further behind. I woke this morning to 1.1 inches of rain in the gauge and … Continue reading

1.24.2013 Visions of sugar plums . . .

January.  Cold.  Ground frozen for the first time in two years. Catalogs and calendars.  Plans.   My arch nemesis, the Bermuda grass, is dormant.  Bigger plans.  Endless possibilities.  Lima beans to feed the entire world!  Mwaaahaahaa!  (Meanwhile the Bermuda grass is … Continue reading

1.21.2013 Old Saws and Open Windows

There’s an old wives’ saying, “Thundersnow means more snow within a week to 10 days.”  We had thundersnow here on Thursday night.  (And I missed it!  Darn it!)  Now rumor is growing of a new round of winter weather coming … Continue reading

1.17.2013 Homesick

Tonight, I am in a tiny little hotel room (and I do mean Tiny) in the National Conference Center in Leesburg, Virginia.  Tomorrow, the Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture 2013 Conference begins.  I’m here to hear the guy behind the … Continue reading

1.11.2013 Hydroponics – The experiment begins

I went shopping with my daughter today.  She needed to buy a suit and get her computer fixed and I needed to get my clarinets out of the shop and pick up hydroponic supplies.  Now, I love my daughter and … Continue reading