12.6.2012 DUH Round penning Session 5 – Finally, some real progress!

Glory be!  After a day off for both Ophelia and I, we had some real success today.  Correct turns.  Following me into the center and around the round pen.  Yielding the hindquarters.  She did it all.  Without the long line.  Okay, so she did the drills about as well as Clinton Anderson’s project horse did the drills after about 15 minutes with him.  Buy hey, I’ll take it.

I think the key to my success this morning was breakfast.  Normally, Opie is very pushy and in-your-face when there is food to be had.  Since we began DUH, I have made it a point to shoo her back out of my space and not give her any food until I have both eyes and her ears are not pinned back.  But this morning, I took the handy stick with me and really kept her out of my space, making her back up and yield her hindquarters left and right.  When she finally stood calmly outside of my space, with her ears and eyes forward, I fed her.  Establishing that line, demanding that respect from her, is, I believe, how I finally succeeded with the round penning lesson.

So there you go.  Tip of the day:  If you are not making progress in your training, consider ALL your interactions with your animals.  It really is all about consistency.

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