11.23.2012 Cooped

My August swarm hive is still hanging in there. Today was the most activity I’ve seen around that hive since I brought it home. The bees must know the weather is about to turn and they took the opportunity to enjoy a lovely day.





Today was positively gorgeous.  70º and hardly any breeze.  After morning rounds and exercising the horses, I walked past the hives on my way to the coop.  The bees were out and about in huge numbers, reminding me it’s been too long since I paid them a visit.  Today would have been a perfect day to check the hives, but I had another, more pressing, chore.

Winter is coming.  Tomorrow.

I finished insulating the chicken coop today.  There are a few spaces I still need to plug, but it’s mostly done.  Done enough.  My chickens are all tucked in and tomorrow morning I am sleeping in.  But not too late – Venus is leaving tomorrow.

Corrugated plastic political signs (from the losing side because no one wanted the signs anymore), hay and a few hay-stuffed feed sacks (for the complicated spots). and there you have it, a very low cost insulation, just 7 bales of hay which were already bought and paid for. I didn’t know why I was saving feed sacks until this project came up. Now I know. The signs and feeds sacks are tacked up on to the studs with a staple gun. Total cost to me was less than $20 and represents the staples and $2.50 per bale I spent back in May getting my pasture cut.

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