11.23.2012 Cooped

        Today was positively gorgeous.  70º and hardly any breeze.  After morning rounds and exercising the horses, I walked past the hives on my way to the coop.  The bees were out and about in huge numbers, … Continue reading

11.22.2012 Racking, Bottling and Corking

On Thanksgiving, I am responsible for the bread and the potatoes.  Consequently, I don’t cook much on Thanksgiving.  Rather, I do most of my cooking the day before and yesterday was a 12 hour marathon.  3 batches of bread, a … Continue reading

11.19.2012 Garlic!

Yesterday was all about the stinking rose.  Don’t ask.  I don’t know how garlic came by such a flowery name.  That’s just what “they” call it.  Anyway, I am determined to have a better garlic harvest next year since the … Continue reading

11.11.2012 Tomato Soup Worth Eating

For the last couple of days I have been beset with more tomatoes than we can stuff in sandwiches or otherwise make a meal from but not enough to can.  I also still had two cups of fresh peas that … Continue reading

11.3.2012 Foraging after the First Frost

Yes.  Indeed.  First frost came in the night.  It was there on the grass when I went out before dawn this morning.  32 degrees and frost everywhere and a thin film of ice in all the waterers.  The chickens didn’t … Continue reading