10.23.2012 Gotterdammerung

Sunday evening, the weather geeks started wetting their pants.  Weather models were suggesting that in 7 day’s time, a massive freak, hurricane/noreaster hybrid storm would slam into the east coast.  Maybe a mid-Atlantic strike.  Maybe north of the Mason-Dixon.  Either … Continue reading

10.21.2012 Tribute and First Aid Kits

Wonder of wonders!  I walked outside yesterday to find a vole carcass on the sidewalk outside the front door.  Mushu, our cat, has finally gone hunting. I am going to take full credit for motivating the cat.  With the husband … Continue reading

10.18.2012 Mostly it’s about the buckwheat

Let’s just get this out of the way right up front.  Oats is oats.  The word oats is either singular or plural depending on your avocation.  English teachers will say oats is plural.  Farmers insist it oats is singular. I … Continue reading

10.16.2012 Crazy

I have confession to make. I have a real problem with quietude. My daughter is off at college. Between college, work, EMT training and volunteer fire fighting duties, my eldest son is rarely home. My youngest son has school all … Continue reading