9.30.2012 Knocking on the Door

I have a fever today and my everything hurts.  After struggling through chicken rounds, I took a couple of DayQuil and then went out to do the Sunday morning pony dust-off and weigh-in.   Both my big fat fatties are taking … Continue reading

9.25.2012 Plant Rehab

Last week, I spent most of my non animal time working in the garden trying to rehab the tomatoes.  If you’ve been following the blog, you may recall that I started over 100 tomato plants this spring with the intent … Continue reading

9.24.2012 Book Review

Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture: A Practical Guide to Small-Scale Integrative Farming and Gardening I took the day off today, put my feet up and read a book.  Sepp Holzer is an Austrian farmer who farms over 100 acres on a mountainside … Continue reading

9.18.2012 Molting!!! And a few accidental discoveries.

So, the chickens have made it official.  They are molting and more than a couple of them look like they have mange.  The daily rate of lay has dropped from almost 50% to less than 30%, which means instead of … Continue reading

9.8.2012 Fall’s Here! Corn Smut and Hedgerows

This evening God drew a line across the sky – an ominous gray line.  East of that line, it was a hot, humid and windy summer day.  West of that line, it was a humid but deliciously cool fall evening.  … Continue reading

9.7.2012 I Just Wanted to Plant Peas

On Monday, my goal was to plant peas, beets and wheat in the garden.  The chickens were down to manageable levels.  It was too wet to work the horses.  The bees needed only minor tending.  I really had no more … Continue reading