8.27.2012 Stuff I bet you never knew about people you rarely hear about

 Today, the farrier came.  I look forward to visits from the vet and the farrier, because both are very generous with their knowledge and patient with my questions.  And they both tell good stories.  Today’s farrier visit started with me … Continue reading

8.26.2012 Rain, the melon fairy and what to do about pepper burn.

Yesterday, it rained.  All day.  I wanted to blog about it, but I was afraid if I started talking about it, the rain would go away, out to the highway or somewhere else.  So I held my fingers in check … Continue reading

8.22.2012 And She’s Off!

This past Saturday, my husband and daughter loaded up the horse trailer with excess flotsam and headed down to the flea market at Chula Junction.  Michael sold the old washer and dryer and a dysfunctional chain saw.  Karina sold most … Continue reading

8.18.2012 Sowing Oats

Before I tell you the oats story, let me mention a discovery I made this week.  To begin, you should know I have never been able to whistle well nor can I whistle loudly.  I’ve improved a bit since getting … Continue reading