7.18.2012 So Close!

Right now the weather radar says it’s raining at my house and raining hard.  It’s wrong.  This beautiful huge thunderstorm just popped up and started hurling lightning bolts at me and then dumped its payload a half mile up the road!  This after a day when the temperature in the shade was 105.  How many chickens do I have to sacrifice to get a little rain?

Yeah, I lost another chicken – a Silver Gray Dorking hen and the daily egg count continues to suck.

The dark greens ones on the right are Marketmore Cucumbers and the ones on whitish ones on the left are an Israeli variety I can’t recall the name for. Not enough for dills but too many for eating out of hand. I guess bread and butter pickles are in my future.

But on the upside, I am suddenly awash in cucumbers.  Good ones too.  My blackberry mead is quietly fermenting away on the kitchen counter.  The apple cyser mead I started a few days ago is not so quiet.  The air lock on it is bubbling away furiously and the golden raisins I put in the primary mix are swollen up and look like Sugar Pops.  Guess I should have chopped them.  And I was worried the yeast wasn’t any good . . .  Silly me.  I’ll be lucky if this batch doesn’t explode.

And hiding amongst the rampaging vines and grass, I found this.

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