6.24.2012 Sunburned!

Not me.  The blackberries!  Early this week, the blackberries were coming off the canes so sweet they tasted more like grapes than anything else.  The last time I picked was Friday and got about 2 cups.  Today, I got nearly … Continue reading

6.19.2012 Ghoulies and Ghosties and things that go missing in the night

Yesterday morning I went down to the pasture to feed, water and move the chickens and found my youngest three chicks gone from their tractor.  Totally my fault.  When I set the tractor the day before, I had it canted … Continue reading

6.16.2012 Surprises everywhere

This morning, I rushed through my chores, which now include watering the 105 by hand because the irrigation system is a generalist and the root systems of the 105 are pathetic and mostly non-functional.   I skipped working the horses.  I … Continue reading

6.13.2012 Peas! In June!

Feed the horses.  Feed the chickens.  Muck the coop.  Muck the round pen.  Exercise Ophelia.  Cut two bolted lettuce plants and toss them to the chickens in the coop.  Notice they are having trouble with the new fencing set up.  … Continue reading

6.6.2012 Observations

Year round, my chicken eggs typically have darker yolks than grocery store eggs.  During buttercup season, the yolks were a deep, vivid orange – much darker and richer than usual.  The buttercups have gone from the pastures and the yolks … Continue reading

6.5.2012 Hoohas and Spacesuits

There are parties and there are hoohas. When the daughter graduates you have a hooha. (Just so you know, I offered to throw a hooha for the son’s graduation last year, he declined.)  So a lot of this last week … Continue reading

5.31.2012 The Rest of the Story

Aside from all the haying hooha, there are a lot of other things going on at the farm.  Somewhere last week, I found time to plant 50 sweet potato slips.  I watered them in and watered them again the next … Continue reading