5.6.2012 Peas and Spiders, Toads and Lightning Bugs

Well, actually it’s the 7thand I ought to be in bed.  I will keep this brief. On my front porch we have a dedicated egg fridge.  (Yes, front porch.  Redneckification.  What can I say?) Yesterday morning it was covered with … Continue reading

5.2.2010 New Bees

Another day of birds and bees.  I put the oldest of my chicks out on pasture today.  Boots, the curled-toed Dorking went with them.  Sadly, my efforts to straighten his toes failed.  His “knuckles” had grown into a rotated position, … Continue reading

5.1.2012 Flies, bees, birds and not what I had planned.

Did you ever have one of those days?  You know the kind I mean.  You wake up and, over your morning coffee, you sort of map out your day – what chores need doing and their relative order of importance.  … Continue reading