4.26.2012 Some Assembly/Disassembly Required

Yesterday was another one of what I call ADD days. Lots of little things. After servicing the laying flock and moving the fence for the breeding trio of Sussex, I exercised Ophelia. Three days after the Sunday storm, there still … Continue reading

4.21.2012 Little Things. Lots of little things.

Last night, the dog and the cat spent the night outside.  When I went out this morning, Mushu, the cat, was standing on the sidewalk in front of the house and staring intently at the grass.  After licking me good … Continue reading

4.14.2012 Got guts? Gonna need ’em!

Good grief! What a week! Where to start?  The ponies, I suppose.  After a week of diet and exercise, I think Ophelia actually gained weight.  And Venus has just about enough of muzzles.  She tore through hers today, probably rendering … Continue reading

3.31.2012 Chicks, hens, hoes, and mulch signals

So, it’s been a busy week. The chicken coop is clean and airing out.  The first batch of Sussex chicks are off to a new home in Buckingham County. Crop Failure – the Sussex hen, finally decided life was glorious … Continue reading