2.12.2012 Divine Providence or Dumb Luck?

Up on the hill in the big pasture is a cemetery.  I’ve spoken of it before. http://www.apriorifarm.com/apriorifarm/blog/2011/07/04/732011-history-lesson/ Today, the relatives of the cemetery residents came by.  The Tuckers down from Ashland.  Really nice people and if they were ever to … Continue reading

2.2.2012 Soil Tests, Match Making and Sick Chicks

The test results came back from Virginia Tech today and surprise, surprise.  The pastures need lime and the blueberry patch needs lots and lots of acidification. Test Area pH P(lb/A) K (lb/A) Ca (lb/A) Mg(lb/A) Zn (ppm) Mn (ppm) Cu … Continue reading

2.1.2012 A Lesson in the North American Food Distribution System

Yesterday, I drove down to Charlotte Court House to attend an organizational meeting for a produce auction that will be starting up in early May of this year.  Charlotte is about an hour southwest of my farm and is in … Continue reading