2.26.2011 Smoking Cedar Trees

Having been a night owl all my life, I can’t say farm living has made me love the mornings. But I am beginning to enjoy them. Depending on the wind direction, I begin each day either on the porch or the back deck with my morning fizzy. And from these roosts I get to see and hear some amazing things in dawn’s first light.

This morning, I was alarmed by smoke rising out of my cedars. First  a cloud of smoke wafted out of the cedar closest to the chicken coop. Then a few minutes later, the next cedar in the line belched forth its own cloud. And so on, down the line. No fire. Just smoke. I’d never seen anything like it. Very strange.

Thought about it all day, wondering if maybe it was the fungus that causes cedar apple rust. Fungi produce spores, right? But I was busy double digging the peas and carrots row in the garden and I didn’t walk over for a close inspection. If it was the fungus, I’d see bright orange galls. I’ll definitely take a look tomorrow, but a web search tonight leads me to believe it was the cedar trees themselves ejecting mass amounts of pollen. Oh, yay. Cedar pollen. Like I really need that right now.

Cedar tree sex. Well, who knew?

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