2.21.2011 Small Steps

We’ve had a lovely run of mild weather (not counting the ferocious winds) and this morning’s sunrise revealed a flush of green in the grass reminiscent of a five o’clock shadow. There was also a wash of red on one … Continue reading

2.15.2011 Catching Up

Last week I was gone from the farm for 3 days while I attended the Virginia Association of Biological Farmers Conference in Danville. While I was gone, my family took good care of the asparagus and artichokes starts in the … Continue reading

2.8.2011 A little flush of spring fever in the Turkey Pen

I worked outside yesterday, moving poo and hay around. It wasn’t exactly glorious, but a little sunshine and a little warmth does wonders for the soul. And the mind. After a couple of weeks mulling over my turkey conundrum, I … Continue reading