12.29.2010 Another day and another series of lessons

This morning, I was sitting on the back deck waking up with caffeine while contemplating the list of things to do. The sun was just coming up. The farm was quiet save for the chattering of a few birds I … Continue reading

12.18.2010 A Little Chicken Panic

Thankfully this week has passed us by without a major tragedy, but it wouldn’t be farm life if I didn’t get to suffer a few moments of panic. On Tuesday, I was stocking up on animal feed ahead of the … Continue reading

12.12.2010 The Beginnings of an Orchard

On Friday, I finally got away from the farm for a few hours and drove up to North Garden, VA. It’s just south of Charlottesville and is the home of Vintage Virginia Apples and Albemarle Ciderworks. VVA grows a lot … Continue reading